Posted on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 at 9:53 am by Tiahni

Imagine for a moment, that somewhere deep in the jungle, where few dare venture, rare and valuable rough gemstones are hiding.  They are costly, much sought after, and only a few ever risk hunting them down.  The search is long, hard, and risky.  There are many difficulties along the way that tear at your heart and soul.  Bugs bite and disease, thieves, and dangerous animals present real dangers.  The incessant, burning sun is your companion and you are constantly breathing in the dust and exhaust from your noisy four wheel drive.  Finally, you reach your remote destinationa nd see the mine with it's narrow opening leading into the heart of the Earth.  A the top, there is a ladder that will take you 1,000 ft down.  Feeling tired, but exhilarated, you step on the first rung of the ladder and begin your descent into the darkness.  Your experience and expertise is your only guide, as you hunt for that rare piece of rough that will yield a magnificent gem.  You continue on, because you are too deep in the mine to leave without your prize.  As rare as the gem is, rarer are the people who risk everything for the hunt.  Mead Jewelers is excited and proud to be able to have a very real gem hunter, David Artinian, come to our store with is amazingly beautiful gems.  But, even better are the personal stories that accompany each and every gem he brings.  Will you be taking home one of his prizes?  We hope to see you at our annual Artinian Gems Custom Design and Gem Event.