What to Consider in an Engagement Ring

Posted on Thursday, March 13th, 2014 at 8:41 am by Tiahni

Image courtesy - 123rtfPicking out an engagement ring can be one of the most stressful tasks that someone can have.  You want the perfect ring for when you ask for your partner's hand in marriage, but picking out a personal piece of jewelry can be daunting.  You may question whether they will actually like the ring you pick out or whether you should ask, then have them pick out the ring with you.  Fortunately, we can help make your decision easier when you are ready to start shopping for a ring.

Choosing a Ring

There are several things to consider before you begin to seriously looking at our selection of diamond engagements rings.  The first thing you should do is set your budget.  This will help you decide what you can afford to buy.  Your budget is not only based on your income, but it will also be based on the type and grade of diamond you wish to purchase. 

When you are ready to look at diamonds, we can show you the basics of buying a diamond, sometimes called the "four C's."

  • Carats
  • Clarity
  • Cut
  • Color


Buying diamond jewelry really isn't complicated, but knowing what you are getting for your money is important.  After all, you wouldn't buy a car without test driving it or being aware of the features it has, so you shouldn't do so with the ring either.  This piece of bridal jewelry is an investment, not only in terms of your life, but monetarily as well.  While you don't have to be an expert, we can show you want you need to know to help you pick out the right ring when it is time to buy it.

Decisions to Make

Along with knowing what you can afford, you will need to decide the shape of the diamond and whether the setting should be gold, platinum or silver.  Platinum settings are becoming increasingly popular and they make for an absolutely stunning piece of jewelry. Paying attention to the jewelry your partner owns will help you make some of these decisions.  If they own a lot of gold necklaces, than a gold setting is a good bet for their engagement ring.

Before you decide to pop the question, come see us and we will help you find the perfect ring to present to your partner.  We want to be your personal jeweler and to be known as the best jeweler in Woodward, OK.